I am
Berk Öztoprak.
I am
a designer.
I love making designs that reflect to emotions.

I am the person who touches every aspect of design due to the chapter I read. I have a lot of information from the commercial movie to the post, from interface to video editing.


Hi, My name is Berk. I'm 21. I am the person who is interested in design and i have tried to work in all branch of design since the age of 15. I have started to design a Logo and then I have tended to Interface Design and User Experiment because of my interest. I have worked at different companies as UX Designer and UI Designer. My department at school is Visual Communication so that I have many information about Advertising. I have lots of works about Ad Writing, Stop-Motion Animation, Video Editing (Adobe Premiere), Audio Editing (Pro Tools), Poster Design, Photography, Video Mapping etc. On the other hand, I am interested in Product Design and I also think to develop myself this area. To sum up, I like all the branch of design and I have never give up to develop myself.

* I update my portfolio every day.